Who is travis mccoy dating now

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Who is travis mccoy dating now

Archaeologists and volunteers - including descendants from the two families - uncovered charred timber, shell casings, nails, a pulley and fragments of glass and ceramics.'We had some suspicions that we weren't quite in the right place at the first dig,' Mc Bride said.

'With more work, we were able to confirm that suspicion.

Side by side, they worked together to help archaeologists unearth artifacts from one of the bloodiest sites in America's most infamous feud.

The new ten-day excavation focused on a back corner of the Mc Coy homestead.

During a candid interview she admitted that she wasn't attracted to the jockey when they were first introduced.‘I thought he was funny and a nice guy, but the chemistry wasn’t there,’ she said. A girl can’t grow on a guy – he either likes you or he doesn’t – but a guy can grow on a girl.’She added the dynamic of their relationship has changed since AP's retirement from racing, explaining: 'The truth is he can be stubborn, selfish and totally self-absorbed and for as long as he was riding, it was never going to be as much about me as it was about him.’ Irishman AP raced more than 16,000 times before drawing a line under his career at Sandown, where he finished third in his final race.

The Hatfield and Mc Coy descendants came armed - with digging tools.

From gorgeous actors to brooding singers, KP consistently shows that she only has one type: ultra-talented!

At 31 years old, Katy’s been through it all — hookups, relationships, and even a tough divorce.

The couple have previously been open about the ups and downs of their marriage, with Chanelle opening up about the couple's fiery two decades together during an interview with You magazine.

It's like everybody keeps all the hard stuff away from you. When you're nursing and you're working 18-hour days, that's pretty hard.

It felt like everybody else was more worried about it than I was... There's nothing to be ashamed of when you blow up... I need to take a break to, like, go out and have a couple drinks before I go and do this all over again.

Going solo: Seemingly enjoying some respite from freezing British climes, an upbeat Chanelle kept her eyes shielded behind a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses as she strolled the beach without her husband Walking alongside his wife, AP, 42, caught the eye in a pair of fetching pink shorts and mismatched blue T-shirt.

In keeping with his balmy surroundings the retired sportsman completed his summer ready ensemble with a pair of casual flip-flops and tinted Aviator sunglasses.

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The feud officially ended in 2003, when descendants of the families signed a truce.