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Pregnant chatcams

Here are the biggest indicators that birth is imminent: Water breaking: Look for discharge, which can be “anywhere from a slow trickle to a flow of mucus,” NBC 12 News reported.

Contractions: Stomach movement should come from the calf jostling inside, and the mother will straighten her neck and show movement in her hips, according to the station.

The zoo's live cam blinked out of service for the final time Friday, April 21, at p.m. "The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on baby," zookeepers said Friday on Facebook.

We all had a good laugh — then went back to waiting.

April’s fans have stayed loyal to the live stream, waiting for the big moment. Thursday, there were more than 77,991 people watching the Giraffe Cam.

The video was initially removed after animal rights activists flagged the videos as “sexually explicit.” “What this has done is pulled an educational tool away from tens of millions of individuals. You have harmed the species’ survival more than you could ever recognize,” a zoo official said on a Facebook live video Thursday after the takedown.The famous giraffe is keeping her fans on the edge of their seats as she reaches the final stages of pregnancy at long last.Here are all the latest updates and live stream of April the giraffe brought to you 24/7.7am BST: April and her calf appear to be doing just fine. The calf has been following his mother around their enclosure, and the two seem to be bonding very well.April and her little baby look fine – the calf is already pacing around the enclosure.4.30pm BST: The live stream just went offline – the zoo is likely setting up a new one.Stay tuned.4.13pm BST: The hungry baby is feedin on its mother's udders right now wven though its egs still look a little bit shaky.

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The Animal Adventure Park posted an evening update on Wednesday, saying April is showing “significant” belly movement.

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