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You could have two columns under the questions, one labeled “Temple Marriage” and one labeled “Civil Marriage.” Have the youth answer each question for both a temple and a civil marriage and put their answers in the appropriate column. They may include learning to get along with others, becoming better acquainted with other young people, spending leisure time in a fun way, learning about the person you might be considering marrying, and finding someone to marry.

Then have someone speak about how Jesus Christ is the greatest Hero and why.

(For ideas which could be altered to fit into this fireside, see the Pathway of Faith activity)— Why there are so many war chapters in the Book of Mormon?

How can we "liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning" (1 Nephi )? Discuss the tools God gave us to defend ourselves from Satan while we're here on earth.

It will have a far reaching effect upon your future. Encourage the youth to write down everything discussed in this area of their folders To help the youth understand the blessings of eternal marriage, have them compare temple marriage and civil marriage. Certainly you cannot expect the eternal program to be less exacting.” (“The Importance of Celestial Marriage,” Ensign, Oct. 4–5.) Discuss specific ways in which the youth could prepare for an eternal marriage.

Like the ripples caused by a pebble cast upon a placid pool, the decision you make in regard to where, with whom, and by whom this event will take place will affect not only you, but the lives of many others, especially your children.” (El Ray L. To do this, you could write questions like the following on a chalkboard or on wordstrips. List of some For the Strength of the Youth standards (Focus on the things that will make them worthy to receive a temple recommend–pay tithing, support Church leaders, keep the Word of Wisdom.) (pass out individual pictures for each youth “I want to be married in the temple” printed beside the picture.) Encourage the youth to write down everything discussed in this area of their folders Discuss with your youth some reasons for dating, and make a list of the reasons.

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(It ripples.) Point out to the youth that many of the decisions they make in their lives will have an effect similar to the effect of the pebble on the water. * How will it affect your life now and in the future? Discuss the meaning of the statement, “Temple marriages make better marriages.” Encourage the youth to write down everything discussed in this area of their folders To help the youth understand that they must obey the specified law before they can receive any blessing, point out an important accomplishment of the youth such as graduation from school or college, a special award in Scouting, or ability to play a musical instrument. Read the following statement of President Spencer W. If you fail in following a program, you fail in attaining the goal.

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