Late knight sex chat internet dating conclusion

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Late knight sex chat

I obviously called him out for his sketchy behavior and asked what he was doing.

He opened his laptop back up and showed me a pornographic literary website -- a lot of erotic reading material.

I don't have a problem with porn in general, reading or watching.

Disclaimer: I obviously am not Stephenie Meyer, so I don't own anything Twilight...

other than my multiple copies of the book and movie, and my wild imagination involving these characters. I had chosen my profession to save lives and in exchange, it felt as if I were sacrificing my sanity.

Being the chief resident of the ER wasn't easy, as it was never meant to be, but that day in particular seemed to just take the cake.

When he did notice me, he immediately minimized the screen and shut his laptop.Surrounded by interns who didn't even look old enough to be out of high school yet, the nurses who were making not so subtle attempts to flirt with me, and then on top of it all, my best friend, Emmett, busting my balls about needing to get out and get laid.He and I had been friends since I was an intern myself and he was working his way through medical school as an orderly.All while having fun and giving loving guidance from the Angels to those that call in.Please come join Amy Clair every other Saturday night @9pm MST.

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I was hoping I wouldn't ever have to write in for guidance but alas, here we are.

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