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Correct me if I’m wrong, but Goodreads has two ways to rate a book.

One is to read and review it and rate it, and the second option is to rate it even if you never read it or bought it.

The number wasn’t hit because of any New-Year-Eve self-improvement guilt, or anything like that. On one hand, I moved far away from my job and spent a lot of time commuting on the subway.

Dedicated readers may scoff at that number, but that’s the most I have ever read in a year.

OK, Barb, all my 151 Friends are now Followers, and I’m almost certain none of them actually were Fans before.

But I am having trouble finding where/how to delete them as Followers.

I am digital marketer who works in traditional publishing, and I am also a writer. ), I have two words for those who are: Goodreads STAT. I use it for business and pleasure and this guide will talk about both of these perspectives.Ok, perhaps I’m overselling a bit, but certainly you can see the potential in incorporating Goodreads–the fastest growing platform for influencers in the writing space–into your book marketing and platform building strategy.Not only do you have a way to connect with passionate readers and influential people in the industry, but a path is also provided for those readers and influencers to discuss, share and promote your work.It’s definitely worth a little effort up front to become a part of this community and generate ongoing promotion for you and your books.Goodreads Tall Tales: As potentially one of the most important places for an author to spend time on line, Goodreads is not just for fiction writers.

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But I cannot seem to remove THEM from Following ME, which I would like to do since none of them were ever my Fans. People have been put in a category they don’t want to be in against their will.