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An arrest should not stop a permanent resident from renewing or replacing a green card.In fact, there is a legal obligation for a permanent resident over 18 years of age to carry a valid (unexpired) green card at all times.This photo, included in a report from the Michigan State University Police Department, shows the car used to pick up a 14-year-old girl in Mason and transport her to Spartan Village, where nude photos were taken from her and she was advertised for sex online.LANSING — On a frigid February night in 2015, a young girl with many secrets bolted across the parking lot of a Mason apartment complex. She didn’t see her daughter get into a car and drive away with a man she met online. This is sex trafficking, a centuries-old problem widely recognized only in the last 20 years.That’s when Corey’s mom did something that changed everything.“One day my mom told me to come watch something online,” the video says."It was a documentary about a girl named Jazz Jennings. I said to my mom, ‘OMG, I’m just like her, I AM a girl!!For two days, the girl was stowed away in an apartment on Michigan State University’s campus while her family searched for her. She was offered for sex on Craigslist and Back, according to MSU Police Department reports the State Journal obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Now it's reaching new places and new lives because of the Internet.

He was also former candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, a position left vacant after Vice President Jim Matthews' resignation as Governor.

Police reports and court records show trafficking and prostitution happen in cities such as Detroit and Lansing, but also in small towns such as Mason and on MSU’s campus.

Johns come from urban Detroit but also rural Clinton County.

Each time a permanent resident files Form I-90, , USCIS requires the applicant to pay for and undergo a criminal background check.

The way that USCIS treats these crimes has also changed over the years.

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Corey shows in her video that she never fit in with her peers when she was younger.