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We also discuss parenting styles, managing difficult behavior in children, taking care of yourself as a parent.

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Group home claims, my sister didn't want us to know, when I asked my sister about saying that, she said no I never said that. I would deal with the present and future, and put in writing as her legal guardian what the expected contact is in terms of things which impact your sister's well-being.

I want to hear about your experiences and how they shaped you.” –Jason Cherry Many people who are not impacted by autism fail to realize how expensive it is for a family to raise a child who is on the autism spectrum.

Hello, I am looking for information, My sister age 66, has multiple disabilities, living now in state run group home. State run group home, is now not contacting the family, My sister was in the hospital for 5 days, We didn't know.

I had a meeting last Friday with group home, they inform me, my sister has rights family doesn't . As far as I know if you are her legal guardian with a full guardianship in place, then you have a definite legal right.

Certainly, you should be informed of any hospitalization and likely there are ways of stating other concerns.

I would also want to know if there had been any major changes in her daily activities such as a day program shutting down, any major incident at a day program, any say major run-in event with another group home house member.

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